Event Decor & Design

Event Decor & Design is a truly important element in communicating a theme, creating the ambiance and overall event environment. Coupled with event entertainment, food and AV/production, the continuity in presentation of your event should be seamless and tell the full story in a holistic manner.

event decor ice centerpiece

Event Decor & Design can be a huge player in projecting branding elements, communicating key corporate messages or creating a thematic event-surround for your guests.

We specialize in designing both thematic and custom event decor & design concepts that are creative, innovative, appeal to the senses and use various mediums to create an incredible event-surround.

Event Decor & Design elements could include:

  • Floral Design and Centerpieces
  • Entrance Treatments
  • Registration Area/Table Decor
  • Table Event Decor & Design including centerpieces, napkins, napkin treatments, linens, chargers, chair wraps/covers, specialty chairs, candles, place cards, table numbers
  • Room or Spot Decor including vignettes, backdrops or props specifically designed in theme around the room used to aid in the realization of the theme
  • Environmental Enhancements that work with the existing interior of a venue to bring out or play off of a venue’s traits and characteristics
  • Experiential Event Decor that allows guests to interact with the event environment
  • Washroom Decor / Accents
  • Lounges and Lounge Furniture
  • Stage Decor
  • Ceiling Treatments using artistically hung fabrics, crystals, chandeliers, beaded curtaining and other thematic embellishments
  • Glow-Bars, Glow-Furniture and other Glow Products
  • Thematic Enhancements such as giveaways
  • Branded Event Decor Elements suited to the custom concept/theme and corporate messages to be communicated through design
  • Services – Decor

    Both thematic and custom decor concepts that are creative, innovative and appeal to the senses