Scope of Services

The conference and event services we provide, manage and coordinate on a national and international level are endless but can include:

Conference and Event Management Services

These services are essential to a perfect, seamless event.  Your event is professionally designed, managed, planned, coordinated and executed.  This umbrella of services provided can include:

  • event design, production & management
  • décor design, theming, overall concept
  • full event design/coordination/management for all types of events and meetings
  • accommodation and travel management
  • concept and theme design (creative)
  • offsite event design/coordination/planning
  • pre-production (all bookings and appropriate arrangements are made, etc.),
  • appropriate supplier selection/management
  • site selection, venue liaison and venue contract negotiation
  • accommodations and transportation contract negotiation
  • pre and onsite event registration (online booking engine, 24/7 call centre)
  • implementation (load-in, set-up, rehearsals, event scheduling/production schedules, floor plans, etc.)
  • onsite event management at all events
  • floor plan design
  • production schedules – development and implementation
  • risk management
  • rider negotiation/execution
  • financial management including contracts, invoices, budgets
  • develop related print support materials

Event services including, but not limited to:

  • event branding
  • theme development
  • decor design
  • entertainment
  • teambuilding programs
  • catering, menu development
  • site selection (including accommodations)
  • A/V and Special F/X
  • photography, videography
  • gifts, giveaways
  • print and graphic design

Branding / Theming

One of our special niches is in branding and theming.  We can create and design an event that is custom built around a corporation, brand or product. The event is completely designed using unique elements to communicate a brand or corporate message to guests.  We also design themes and multi-day programs around a specific set of objectives that needs to be communicated to attendees that will drive and/or reinforce the key messages “home” to attendees.


Customized for the theme and budget. This may include props, table design, stage design, ceiling/stage/entrance treatments, floral arrangements, custom branding pieces, signage, etc.

Event Entertainment

Carolyn Luscombe, CSEC, CSEM, CSEP, CMP is a Licensed Agent with the AF of M (American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada) and is highly experienced in selecting, booking and executing riders/contracts in this complex field.  Some forms of entertainment may include national or international recording acts and headlining acts, dance bands, Strolling or Themed Duos/Trios (Calypso, Mariachi, German, Blues, Jazz, Dixieland, Country & Western, Gypsy, etc.), DJ’s, Comedians, Magicians/Illusionists, Psychics, Celebrity Impersonators, Carnival/Casino equipment, Mimes, Jugglers, Stiltwalkers, Fire Eaters, Caricature Artists, Handwriting Analysts, Circus Performers, Hypnotists, Dancers/Customized Dance Shows, Hostesses, Multicultural Entertainment and Music, Keynote Speakers, Motivational Speakers, Human Statues, Accordionists, Piano Players, Baroque ensembles… we have it all! Other areas include Hosts/Emcees, celebrities, games, costumes, and all other types of both headlining and themed entertainment.

Site Selection

With “ins” at many hot locations around the world, we can suggest many possible locations for your event.  Services include site selection, destination selection, site visits, meal plans & menu design (food & beverage), accommodation management/rooming lists, onsite liaison services and much more.  Whether it is a hotel, a special event venue, a rustic inn, an international destination or a special atmosphere or theme you are trying to create, we can partner the perfect venue with your event or program.

Production Services

This may include PowerPoint presentation development, translation services, sound, lighting, staging, photography, videography, audio-visual and speaker support and special effects such as balloon drops, pyrotechnics / fireworks, confetti cannons, laser shows, etc.

Graphic/Print/Promotional Services

These services include photographers (traditional, Polaroid, Digital Imaging), website design, invitations, menu cards and other printed materials, giveaways with or without your logo, suited to the event, etc.


We work with many different talented chefs on menu design to ensure theme continuity.  Services include staffing, food, beverage and catering coordination.


These formidable types of events are customized for each of our clients based on desired outcomes, issues or challenges to be addressed in the corporate structure, budget, objectives and corporate culture.

Ancillary Programs

Development and implementation of extracurricular programs/activities for guests and/or spouses to partake in that are local or relevant to the conference destination such as golf tournaments, cultural activities (wineries, museums, etc.), shopping excursions,

As event professionals, it is our job to match your specific needs with the necessary components to ensure a unique and perfect event.

These services are essential to a perfect, seamless conference/event.  Your event is professionally designed, managed, planned, coordinated and executed.

  • Scope of Services

    We can create and design an event that is custom built around a corporation, brand or product.