Branding Events

Your brands are the soul of your company. Why would you place your brand’s reputation in the hands of anyone other than an experienced event specialist?

A product launch or branding event should be fresh, funky and innovative, because your sales depend on it.

Enter Experiential Marketing: Communicating with audiences and expressing your brand through live events, which has the ability to excite all five human senses as a result of direct interaction through an experiential event environment.

No other form of marketing can make that boast. As a result, complex messages and detailed information can be conveyed, and two-way communication is possible, enabling instant awareness and direct feedback from your audience.

No one wants their newest product to be associated with a launch that reeks of stagnation and old, overused ideas.

The décor should reflect a sense of style, confidence and professionalism, not to mention your brand’s image and values. Everything at your branding event should focus on showing your product in the best possible light and focusing on the five senses of your guests for a maximized sensory experience.

This is where hiring an event specialist can greatly benefit you. Our company has an in-house creative team whose sole purpose is to come up with new and exciting ideas to ensure the successful promotion of your brands.

Whether you are launching a new product or ensuring brand recognition of an existing or new product, Eclectic tailors your branding event specifically to the product and/or service and communicates this using the event as the vehicle.

Taking into consideration specific needs, image, reputation, features of the product or service, budget, objectives, demographics and group size, our award-winning services are customized exactly to your requirements.  Every single branding event element is selected, designed and customized to suit your specific requirements.

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