Scope of Services

Eclectic can provide as much or as little as you need for your event or program whether it's local or in another Canadian city. The opportunities are endless… if you need it or can dream it, we can provide it!

Conference & Event Management Services

These services are essential to a perfect, seamless event. Your event is professionally designed, managed, planned, coordinated and executed. This umbrella of services provided can include:

  • Event design, production & management
  • Décor design, theming, overall concept
  • Full event design / coordination / management for all types of events and meetings
  • Accommodation and travel management
  • Concept and theme design (creative)
  • Offsite event design/coordination/planning
  • Pre-production (all bookings and appropriate arrangements are made, etc.)
  • Appropriate supplier selection/management
  • Site selection, venue liaison and venue contract negotiation
  • Accommodations and transportation contract negotiation
  • Pre and onsite event registration (online booking engine, 24/7 call centre)
  • Implementation (load-in, set-up, rehearsals, event scheduling / production schedules, floor plans, etc.)
  • Onsite event management at all events
  • Floor plan design
  • Production schedules – development and implementation
  • Risk management
  • Rider negotiation / execution
  • Financial management including contracts, invoices, budgets
  • Develop related print support materials

Event services including, but not limited to:

Event branding

Catering, Menu development

Print & Graphic design

Theme Development